Should I buy a Course Book?

Course Books, designed for student convenience, are optional compilations of all Course Summaries. While these summaries can be accessed directly on each course page, many students find the consolidated format of Course Books especially helpful.

It's important to note that our courses are regularly updated, with the most current summaries always available on their respective course pages. Course Books are revised and released as new editions when there is a substantial accumulation of changes across courses.

In the case of updates to individual courses, students are advised to download the latest Course Summary from the specific Course Page. For broader updates affecting multiple courses, those who have purchased the most recent edition of the Course Book can obtain a digital packet of the updated summaries. To request the digital packet, please email 

When a new edition of a Course Book is released, students owning the prior edition should supplement it with these packets and individual course summaries, unless they prefer to purchase the new edition.